Avoid Fuel Pump Damage and Improve Engine Performance

Vehicle owners may not know much about their fuel pump, but over the life of owning a vehicle, it will probably need to be replaced. One area that often gets overlooked when putting in a new fuel pump is cleaning the gas tank. We recommend that when its time to replace your fuel pump that you have your gas tank cleaned thoroughly to avoid damaging your replacement fuel pump. A clean fuel tank can also ensure maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency. Whether performed by a professional service technician, or done by yourself, follow this 10 step process to clean your gas tank properly and avoid damaging your new fuel pump:  1. Drain fuel tank into an approved container 2. Clean rust and debris from the top of the fuel tank. 3. Remove fuel pump. 4. Swirl gas tank. Pour out remaining gas and debris. 5. Clean the tank interior with a low-suds soap and water mixture. 6. Swirl cleaning solution inside tank. 7. Drain tank and dry with compressed air. 8. Wipe out ... read more

Car Engines

Car Engines

  Most modern day cars are powered by a four-stroke, internal combustion gasoline engines. This type of engine has been refined as automotive technology has advanced over the last century. While even the most basic car engine is a complex machine, the principles behind its operation are easy to understand.  Engine Basics An internal combustion engine is what you will find in most modern day cars. The reciprocating pistol engine is the most common. Engines of this type are named in terms of size, overall interior volume and cylinders. Cylinders can be arranged in several different ways: a straight row, known as a straight or inline engine, directly opposite another (flat line engine), or at angle from one another, which is the popular V configuration. The Four-Stroke Cycle This engine cycle consists of intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. In the intake phase fuel and air are drawn into one of the compression chambers. A piston ri ... read more

10 Facts About Cars!

FUN FACTS ABOUT CARS Automobiles have been around since the 1800's and have become more efficient as time has progressed. Here are some interesting and fun facts about cars! 1. One out of every 4 cars is produced in China 2. The automobile is the most recycled product in the world 3. There are more cars than people in the world 4. Ferrari produces 14 cars in one day 5. The best selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla 6. The most common stole vehicle is the Honda Accord 7. It takes half an ounce of gas to start a car 8. Traffic congestion wastes 3 billion gallons of gas each year 9. It takes 25 hours to build a car, and 10 of those hours are spent painting it 10. In America, one person dies in a traffic collision every 12 minutes

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