What Is the Importance of Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for any vehicle if it is to run optimally. There are several types of maintenance schedules for vehicles with one of them being the factory scheduled maintenance also known as 30/60/90k vehicle maintenance. It means that you schedule maintenance for your car every 30,000 miles so at 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles and so forth. Most drivers and car owners ignore 30/60/90k vehicle maintenance because the car may still be running smoothly after 30,000 miles. However, factory scheduled maintenance can help your vehicle be in the best shape and avoid the cost of repairing or replacing parts.

Importance of Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Following the factory scheduled maintenance or servicing your car every 30,000 miles is crucial for several reasons. For starters, some companies will consider the warranty void if you do not follow the 30/60/90k maintenance schedule. Therefore, following the schedule may help you use your warranty.
Following the factory's scheduled maintenance will also help prevent small issues with the car from becoming severe. Though you may not think your car needs servicing, there may be a small underlying issue that will be detected during the factory scheduled maintenance service. It will save you a lot of money down the road.
The 30/60/90k maintenance schedule will ensure that your vehicle has a long life span. You will have a car that is always in peak condition and retains its value in the long run. The more mileage the car has, the more important the vehicle maintenance is.

What is Involved In 30/60/90k Maintenance?

Factory scheduled maintenance involves evaluating the car's parts for any signs of problems. It will also include maintenance procedures like brake servicing, oil & fluid changes, wheel alignment, tire rotation, and replacing filters, spark plugs, and wires.
Though factory scheduled maintenance may be part of the warranty, it does not mean the dealership has to perform the maintenance.
However, the service has to be performed by a certified auto repair specialist.
Proper maintenance is vital to the health of any car.Bring your car to our repair shop today for 30/60/90k vehicle maintenance.

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