How To Tell If You Need a Battery Replacement

On average, a car battery should last approximately 3 to 5 years. Beyond this time window, batteries should be monitored more closely as they become more unreliable and prone to dying. In fewer cases, some vehicle owners may have to replace their vehicle’s battery sooner than 3 years. Considering your battery is where all of the electrical power is stored in your car, you should know how to spot the signs of a dead battery.

5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Car Battery Replacement

  1. Half-functioning Accessories - A good method to check your battery is to check how your accessories run right after your car starts up. For example, see if your headlights are dim. Rev your engine to see if the lights react differently. If so, it may mean that your battery is weak and cannot meet power demands.
  2. Battery Corrosion - When was the last time you inspected your car battery? If you open your hood only to see a blue or green substance covering your battery terminals, there is a good chance that your battery is on its way out. Cleaning the terminals surely will help but only temporarily.
  3. Battery Warning Light On - Some vehicles have a designated light that illuminates when your car’s computer has noticed a fault in the electrical system. It can mean many things, including a dying battery. 
  4. Battery Case is Damaged or Cracked - When your car battery sits in extremely cold or hot weather all the time, it is susceptible to quicker wear and tear. Plus, quick changes between hot and cold can cause the battery to swell up or crack. If your battery looks deformed, consider replacing it ASAP.
  5. Engine Slow to or Won’t Turn Over - A slow engine start is clear that your battery is growing weak. If your car engine takes a long time to get started, or you’re having to reach the jumper cables a little too often, bring your car to a trusted auto repair shop for battery replacement.

If you can't remember the last time you replaced your car battery, it is always best to stay up-to-date on your battery’s condition. If you're uncertain whether it is time to replace your car battery, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Willy’s Transmission & Air Conditioning for a battery test. 


For all your auto electrical repairs, please call or visit our auto repair shop today!

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